Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dual Twice - Violent Origami (2007)


01. My Friend, The Train Track Penny
02. Hands Held And Family
03. Excelsior! Anathema!
04. Climbing Limbs, Breaking Ours
05. Techniques And Dragons
06. The Way Whales Glow
07. The Trivorce Papers
08. Clairvoyant Chins
09. Magic Potion Hand Lotion

Violent Origami


Landon said...

Is anyone digging this? I'm curious.

miles said...

into it

Joshua said...

I Love this album thank you!!!!

eschatongue said...

that's good to hear, guys. a follow-up will happen, under the name "doom bulge". i will post it.

eschatongue said...

.. mathy electronic..

eschatongue said...

alternative download link