Friday, January 30, 2009

Twain Harte - 3 Song Tour EP (2008)


01. Youre Your Own Wizard
02. Two Sides To Every Ghost Story
03. Trapdoor Exit

3 Song EP

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Planets New Song

from their myspace:

New Sounds, New Feelings

Dearest honorable gentlepersons,

It is with great elation to announce the arrival of our first installment of a two 7” series. It is a journey of sound that has been a long time percolating but only recently the go ahead to be recorded and released. This limited document will be available to be heard and seen February Two Thousand and Nine. Let this be known by all concerned. In the meantime, to thine own self be true. May these lovely days and bewitching nights fare well unto thee.

The Planets Cooperative

Download"maybe we want more insects"from they new EP called"Quiet Men"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

By the End of Tonight - The Imaginary EP (2006)


01. Let Me Introduce Myself
02. When It Rains I Think Of You
03. A Buffalo In Yellowstone
04. The Birthday Jam
05. Waiting For An Island
06. If That Diamond Ring Don't Sing...

The Imaginary EP (Josh Smith)

By the End of Tonight - He's Home with Bones That Grow the Way They're Supposed To (2006)


01. The Avalanche of Flak Mountain: Let the Tumbles Begin
02. He's Home With Bones That Grow the Way They're Supposed To
03. Fated, Us. Ballyhoo
04. Let's Stitch This Flag
05. The Sister's Crey
06. You Need ADD Too. Have Some

He's Home with Bones That Grow the Way They're Supposed To (Jeff Wilson)

By the End of Tonight - My Mom Caught Me in My Room Beat Boxin' (2006)


01. Thou Art That
02. What Must and Shall Be
03. JQ10

My Mom Caught Me in My Room Beat Boxin' (James Templeton)

By the End of Tonight - The Gunslinger EP (2006)


01. Uncontrollable Like a Teenage Daughter
02. Death Is The New Life
03. West Wide Boring
04. Life Is The Old Death

The Gunslinger EP (Stefan Mach)

By the End of Tonight - A Tribute to Tigers (2005)


01. 4's, 5's, And The Piano That Never Made It Home
02. Stop, Drop And Roll Does Not Work In Hell
03. Setting Sail In April
04. Tigers
05. 7:30 Easter Morning

A Tribute to Tigers

By the End of Tonight - Fireworks on Ice EP (2004)


01. Delirious, Where Have You Been?
02. Sleeping While Driving Prevents Old Age
03. Video Games Buried In The Desert
04. It's Christmas Time Again...

Fireworks on Ice EP

By the End of Tonight - ...In a Letter to the Sandbox (2003)


01. We Are the Cure for Blinking Lights!
02. Number Two
03. Delirious, Where Have You Been?
04. Potential Getaway Driver
05. Sleeping While Driving Prevents Old Age
06. The Longest Ballroom Dance
07. Patton's Test
08. I Am the Lion, I Am the Tinman
09. Drop It Like It's Hot
10. Accidents Have No Holidays
11. Yellow Chartreuse
12. a Letter to the Sandbox
13. Video Games Buried in the Desert
14. It's Christmas Time Again...

...In a Letter to the Sandbox

Slint - Live In Chicago (1989)


01.Nosferatu Man
03.Nan Ding
07.Breadcrumb Trail
08.Good Morning Captain
10.Cortez the Killer (Neil Young Cover)

Live In Chicago

Slint - Slint EP (1994)


01. Glenn
02. Rhoda

Slint EP

Slint - Spiderland (1991)


01. Breadcrumb Trail
02. Nosferatu Man
03. Don, Aman
04. Washer
05. For Dinner...
06. Good Morning, Captain


Slint - Tweez (1989)


01. Ron
02. Nan Ding
03. Carol
04. Kent
05. Charlotte
06. Darlene
07. Warren
08. Pat
09. Rhonda


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tera Melos - Idioms Vol.1 (Covers EP, 2009)


01. Meant for You (The Beach Boys)  
02. Koka Kola (The Clash)  
03. Tame (The Pixies)  
04. Blast Off (Rivers Cuomo)  
05. Hey Sandy (Polaris)

Idioms Vol.1


Friday, January 2, 2009

Chocolat Billy - Attraper N'anoun (2008)


01. Ritournelles
02. Laisse sexe
03. Reski
04. La pénombre
05. Collier de perles
06. Doux foyer sous les blancs nuages
07. Vürst
08. La samba des coeurs fragiles
09. Pourquoi je pas?
10 .Assedic no-wave

Attraper N'anoun

The Good Good / Chocolat Billy - Split (2006)


01. Chocolat Billy - Arrangement de nuit
02. Chocolat Billy - Le lievre
03. Chocolat Billy - La ferme
04. Chocolat Billy - Apendice poupoule
05. Chocolat Billy - Le surf de la garonne
06. Chocolat Billy - Areski, en cuisine
07. The Good Good - Silhouette
08. The Good Good - Clouds
09. The Good Good - All the voices
10. The Good Good - Paper, metal, marble
11. The Good Good - Flies
12. The Good Good - 3 voices


Chocolat Billy - Mon Père Est Ma Mère (2005)


01. Le lièvre
02. Le fant?me de la suite des trois
03. La ferme
04. Appendice poupoule
05. Versailles
06. Saison chinoise
07. Canari malinois
08. Fracture de fatigue
09. Le surf
10. Nucléo-panique
11. Chocolacho
12. Blanc facile
13. Irissary
14. Le serpent de mer

Mon Père Est Ma Mère

Maps & Atlases – You And Me And The Mountain (2008)


01. Witch
02. Artichokes
03. You And Me And The Mountain
04. Daily News
05. Ted Zancha

You And Me And The Mountain

O! The Joy - Zen Mode (2008)


01. Conceivable Test Tube Baby
02. There Is No Such Thing As "Organized Crime"
03. This Fault Is Not Mine
04. Under The Radar
05. 22435
06. The Man And The Secrets
07. We Write The Next Chapter
08. I Just Didn’t Tell You
09. Guiding Role
10. Zen Mode

Zen Mode

Actarus - Actarus (2005)


01. Milkfloat
02. Chocolate will save your life
03. Hundekeks
04. Aikido
05. Pao de queijo
06. When fishsticks turn to mermaids
07. Thй dansant


Thursday, January 1, 2009