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Snakeville Movie

Nick Reinhart (of Tera Melos/Bygones) has produced a full-length feature film entitled Snakeville. Read more about it here.
Imdb Link:

I can't wait.

Tera Melos - Interview (March 1, 2006)

Interview with Tera Melos - Podcast 16   
Tuesday Feb 21st, 2006 by Rich   

Alright, I just moved and I’m practically typing this thing on top of a cardboard box so no long ass entry today. Long story short we got a killer interview with Tera Melos. These dudes aren’t only massively talented, not only do they have a killer live show but they were also one of the Associated Press (the only AP that matters) most overlooked bands of 2005. An honor they shared with Stryper…FUCKING STRYPER!      

Anyhow, these guys are seriously phenomenal and I highly suggest you see them live and buy their album. Otherwise you’re just a nerd. Anyhow, hit us up at, MySpace or our message boards. We love to hear from y’all. So keep checking back and always offer your suggestions, we know we’re not perfect but we try.      





So let's start with introductions. If you could just say your name, what you do in the band and a random fact about yourself.   

Jeff: Oh great I'll start. My name is Jeff, I play guitar in the band Tera Melos. I also like to build chopper Motorcycles, that's a random fact.      
Vince: Is that the first time Jeff has ever told the truth in that sort of situation?   
Jeff: Yeah, it probably is. Okay, it's Nate's turn next.      
Nate: Hi, I'm Nathan. I play bass and I like cats.   
Vince: Damn, we're all about true facts today. I'm Vince and I play drums and I don't want to bring a cactus on tour so don't let Rob give us the cactus (band boos). It's true I don't want the cactus.   
Nick: I'm Nick and I play stage left guitar and I painted my guitar green the other day.   
Jeff: He plays lead and I play rhythm. Just so everybody knows (laughs). Let's get that straight.            Let's listen to some grunge and act crazy.So I guess the first place to start would be a brief history of the band, how you got started and all that.   
Vince: I think one of you guys should take this (points to Nick and Nate).   
Nick: Nate played in a weird progressive punk band a couple years ago. That band started disintegrating and Nate and I knew Jeff from previous bands. So, once that band kind of broke up, or whatever, we decided to start a new band. We all jammed and wrote songs and had a few pieces of music composed. Then Jeff met Vince in a jazz improv class and convinced him to come hang out and play drums. That's the 'gist of it. We played in our practice spot for about a year and then started playing shows.
So why the year of practice before your first show? Were you looking to get it down perfect or could you just not book a show?   

Nate: Not being able to book a show wasn't really a problem. We just didn't really feel that: A; the songs were complete and B; the band was complete. Like we had a long period where we tried out different singer and stuff. Nothing sort of stuck and we got offered our fist show and we were like, "Oh, well let's just go for it and see what happens as an instrumental band and maybe it will help us to find a singer". And we played…   
Jeff: I'd like to correct him.   
Nate: I'm sorry I guess my history is wrong. (laughs).      
Jeff: That historical fact was incorrect. Actually, we played that first show to see if any potential vocalist would be into it. If I recall.      
Nate: Isn't that what I just said?   
Jeff: No you said as an, "instrumental band". Okay, let's not argue, let's not argue.      
Nate: I said it was to attract singers.   
Jeff: Oh, I couldn't hear what he said. I'm sorry (laughs). The historical fact was correct. Okay.      
Nate: I'm all frazzled now. So we just played that first show and the response was really really good and we just kept getting more show offers after that. We started getting offers out of town so we started going out of town and that's just sort of what worked for us so we just kept going with it.  
So you didn't start out with the intent of being an instrumental band.  
Nate: Yes sir.  
Was it just that none of the vocalists matched up or was their another reasons?   
Nate: Uh, yeah for the most part it just didn't click with what we did musically. No one who came in to try out really knew how to sing.      
Well that might not help.   
Nate: Well we thought it would be okay because we figured they'd come at it from a weird perspective but it ended up really not working. But, we made some really good friends out of the thing.      
Vince: I want to add that when we were going through singers one thing we also wanted to avoid was making it where there was the singer who was up in front of the band and that was louder than everything else. We wanted to maintain the music being just as important as the singer, if we found one that worked out.  
Is there any vocalist that you would like to work with if given the opportunity?  
Jeff: That's an interesting question. I think maybe John Lennon.      
Nate: You can dig up Freddy Mercury.      
[we] wanted to avoid was making it where there was the singer who was up in front of the band and that was louder than everything else. We wanted to maintain the music being just as important as the singer, if we found one that worked out.Freddy Mercury is an interesting choice.  
Jeff: Freddy Mercury, that's a good one.      
Vince: You really can't hear Nate can you?   
Jeff: Stop saying…God! I can't hear him. Fuck.      
So recently your debut came out on Springman. It's your formal debut right?   
Nate: It's the first release by someone besides us. We have prior things that we just…You know, burned CD's that we spray painted and went to Kinkos and made stuff.      
Vince: Demos.      
Nate: Demos that's what they call that (laughs), oh demos.  
So how did it happen that you guys got together with Springman?  
Jeff: We had just played a few shows and this guy Avi, he actually runs Springman, saw us. He wasn't going to do any new bands but he really liked our band and decided to put out our record for us.      
He didn't make any requests or restrictions, like suggesting you look into a singer?   
Nate: Yeah, it was real, "Do whatever you want". And, that's what we were going to do anyways.      
One of the things that stand out, besides the music, is the artwork on your albums. Where did that all come from?  
Nick: One of our good friends, this guy Garrett Vander Leun, did it for us. We had just randomly come across a clip art image on the internet of this guy holding a chainsaw. We just thought it'd be kind of funny to erase his head and have him do a variation of that drawing. It's really random, we just kind of came up with all these ideas. They kind of became thematic after we knew what we wanted pictures of. Then we kind of put them together and it was like, "Oh wow, that actually works really well". So that's a good friend of ours that did that.      
Nate: It's also kind of cool because if you're in the local area of Sacramento where we play, he draws all of our flyer art work. So, someone who had seen all of our flyers and come to our shows would notice familiar characters that he's drawn in the CD artwork.  
Continuing with your debut, I'm sure you've been made aware of the fact that you were placed on [Associated Press'] list of "Most Overlooked Bands of 2005".  
Nate: We didn't actually hear about it till way after the fact. This guy Ron Harris, who writes for the Associated Press, he was nice enough that…he had gotten our record and was really pumped on it. So, he wrote a review on it saying it was one of the most overlooked albums of 2005. He came out to a show in San Francisco and introduced himself and he was an awesome guy. So thanks to him if he, for some reason, ever hears this.  
Do you think more people have come to check you out or bought your album because if it?

Nick: I don't think so, because that probably came out within the last month and a half. I don't really know if a review is going to make a lot of people come and hang out. I guess lots of newspapers picked it up so lots of people were able to check it out but, so far, I don't think so.      
Vince: [Jeff] was going to say that our myspace views have gone up a lot. (laughs)

Going over that list I happened to noticed that you shared that honor with Stryper. Are you more or less excited about making that list because you share it with Stryper?   

Vince: I have no idea who that is.      
Nate: I'm pretty surprised to hear that Stryper put something out. I know who Stryper is I haven't followed their career, but I always assumed they were that Christian metal band from the 80's.      
Jeff: You really over looked them I think.      
Nate: (laughs) Yeah, so I guys they were on that list for a reason. I probably won't go out and check out that release.      

What if Stryper were like, "I noticed we shared this list, so here's our album so you can check it out"?   

Vince: We would politely decline. (laughs)      
Nate: I would probably listen to that. Then I would take it back to a record store and try to return it.      
Jeff: I would have done that for sure. (laughs).      
Nick: We would try to get store credit for it at a Boarders and Books.      

Back to the music, I notice there's a big difference between your album and your live show in regards to the amount of improvisation and changes musically that occurs live. Do you sort of plan any of that or just feel it out as you go?   

Vince: There are sometimes where we'll have designated areas that we'll [improvise] and sometimes where we just have no idea what's going to happen, which I guess makes it fun. We like not making the songs the same because otherwise it just gets boring playing them over and over again.      

When you went into the studio did you have a really set idea of what you wanted to do or did you tool around as you recorded?   

Jeff: We usually are very prepared when we go into the studio. Well, I'm saying it like we've gone hundreds of times but on our last record we knew that we wanted to have sounds here and soundscapes but it wasn't like every noise was thought out. We might have had a particular key or a feel in mind. We kind of wrote out the whole record as a piece rather than, "We have our five songs. So we'll do our five songs and then do something in between". It was like we kind of built the songs to kind of go together, so it was very linear, as we like to say (laughs). So there was lots of room to mess around, you know? It wasn't just throwing a dart in a dark closet or something. (laughs) We didn't just jump in the taxi and go, "Okay, anywhere sir". (laughs) We knew we were going to Time Square or wherever. But, whatever streets they took was their scene.      

That's good, we don't get a lot of metaphors here.      

Jeff: Well, I work on that for you.      

Do you have a preference between playing live or writing and recording music?   

Jeff: I think all three of those things are very different in particular and all have their own things. I don't think there's any one we dislike, definitely. Obviously, playing live is awesome but when you play 500 shows in a row it can get kind of tiring. Writing new music is great too, but sometimes when you run out of ideas and everyone's trying to jam on something and it's not coming out. That can be bad. There's good and bad for everything, it's all give and take. I don't think any one thing is better or worse than the other. It's all fun, it's all creative. It's like do you prefer…Ah, never mind. I almost did another metaphor. (laughs). I do that all the time, you guys (to other band members) know. I'm not going to do it though because it's embarrassing.      

Speaking of live shows, yours are typically considered fairly destructive. What's probably the most damaging thing that has happened at any one of your shows?   

Vince: To a person or an object? Because Jeff had his head knocked open but basses and guitars have been like actually broken in half.      
Nate: A lot.      
Vince: And those just don't heal by…      
Nate: Butterfly bandages.      
Vince: Yeah or whatever it is.      
Nick: About a week ago at practice I split my head open. (whole band bursts into laughter). And that's not a joke. Yeah we were at practice and I fell, and I had never bled that much out of my skull.      

Where on your head?   

Nick: It was on the back of my skull. You can't really see it because it's almost healed but there was lots of blood.      

How did this happen?   

Nick: (band laughs) Jeff and I were like playing this rock riff and attacking Nate and kicking him.      
Jeff: It was the "Johnny B. Good" riff.      
Nick: (Attempts to emulate the riff orally).      
Jeff: And we were doing the Chuck Berry hop with one foot in the air.      
Nick: Then I approached Nate, while playing the riff, and I tried to jump kick him and get him with both feet. I feel and hit the back of my skull on the corner of my amp and it was very scary.      
Jeff: And very bloody. It was super funny for like the first thirty seconds. Then he took his hand away and it was just covered in blood. Just the look on Nick's face. He was laughing then he was like, "Uh oh". (band burst into laughter)      

It was super funny for like the first thirty seconds. Then he took his hand away and it was just covered in blood. Just the look on Nick's face. He was laughing then he was like, "Uh oh".Do you guys go to the hospital a lot or do you just throw a band-aid on it?   

Jeff: Just Band-aid man. I don't have insurance. (laughs) I don't have insurance. I don't have a job. I don't have any of that stuff.      

What's probably the most expensive piece of equipment that you've broken?   

Jeff: Everything's been broken.      
Nick: I have a Gibson SG that I've broken the headstock off of about five times now. So, for the amount of money I've spent repairing that guitar, I could have just bought a new guitar. But, we have these really awesome people that fix all our gear for us in Roseville called Son Fathers Guitars (?). We bring all our stuff to them about once a week and they fix it real nice.      
Jeff: Literally it's just a big joke, because every time we walk in it's like, "Oh, it's these guys again" and we bring in seven guitars. Usually after tour it's ridiculous. We just drive the van straight to Son Father. We just throw them the keys, "Here take care of it".      
Nate: I picked my bass up on Wednesday and took it back this morning, which is Friday morning.      
Jeff: And it wasn't like he broke a tuning key, it was like broken in half. After like 30 seconds of our set. (laughs).      

As an instrumental band sound must be important but, with the costs of repairs, have you ever thought of just getting cheap gear?   

Jeff: Sort of but you get what you pay for and we like quality instruments. We don't play Epiphone SG's or fake ones. We all like good, quality gear and I'd say we're all pretty in to gear. We all like it and it's all cool to collect. I mean we could just get Squire Strats and rip 'em but it just wouldn't be the same. We like particular instruments and we're very into sound and tone and I just don't think playing shitty, junky equipment would….I mean it'd be great financially because we could just throw them off a cliff and who cares? (laughs)      

Actually, recently we started customizing USA model. Like I have a Kramer from the 80's, it's just a goofy shitty shred guitar with like whammy on it.      

Vince: Like a Stryper guitar.      
Jeff: Yeah, Stryper style, definitely. The cool thing is that everyone thought those guitars were nerdy in the early 90's. Like, "No one's shredding anymore that's stupid. Let's put on flannels and grow our hair long", or whatever.      

Says the guy with long hair and flannel.   

Jeff: (laughs) Totally. Let's listen to some grunge and act crazy. So those guitars are dirt cheap now and they have really good parts. Everything is the highest quality. So we might start doing those. You might see some pretty weird guitars at the Tera Melos shows coming up.   


Tera Melos - Communications Company Simple

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El Hombre Trajeado - Shlap (2004)


01. Kayak Building
02. Syncopatio
03. Cartesian
04. Parachute Snub
05. Deli Kite
06.Uist Robot
07. Comp Lexicon
08. Scrapafone
09. 45s At 78
10. Sea Bees
11. Twizle
12. Warm Down


El Hombre Trajeado - Saccade (2001)


01. I-330
02. Dos
03. Shout out
04. Jetsuit
05. Dylar
06. Saccade
07. Double Blind
08. Chapperon
09. Dig This Big Crux
10. Halo


El Hombre Trajeado - Shoplift (1999)


01. Babosa
02. Scrivener
03. Shopfitting
04. Elhombre Reworked By Auto Cade


El Hombre Trajeado - Skipafone (1998)


01. Kayak Building
02. Syncopatio
03. Cartesian
04. Parachute Snub
05. Deli Kite
06. Uist Robot
07. Comp Lexicon
08. Ccrapafone
09. 45s at 78
10. Sea Bees
11. Twizle
12. Warm Down


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bygones is unleashed!

The Dynamic duo of Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos and Zach Hill of Hella have got a band together, it's called bygones we have been wanting to tell you all about this band for so long but have had to keep it secret until there was a mastered album. Well it's here and we are beyond pumped to say that their debut full length album "by-" will be coming out on Sargent House in March 2009

You can hear two tracks from it at bygones myspace

you can also read a message posted by Nick on the Tera Melos Blog that tells a bit about how this wunderband came to be.

Myspace 2 songs

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zach Hill - Astrological Straits (2008)


01. Iambic Strays
02. Toll Road
03. Street People
04. Dark Art
05. Keep Calm And Carry On
06. Hindsight Is Nowhere
07. Ummer
08. Stoic Logic
09. Uhuru
10. Momentum
11. Unseen Forces
12. Tick On
13. Astrological Straits

Astrological Straits

Tera Melos - Live From Nicholby's (Ventura)


01. Seven
03. Crazy Long Intro
04. Seasick
05. Magical
06. Theory
07. I Hate The 80's
08. Radio Friendly Pop Song

Tera Melos 4ever.
Live From Nicholby's

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Giraffes? Giraffes! - More Skin With Milk-Mouth (2007)


01. When the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme
02. I am s/h(im)er as you am s/h(im)er as you...
03. The ghost of EPPEEPEEs ghost
04. Emilie Sages secret
05. A quick one, while shes away

More Skin With Milk-Mouth

Giraffes? Giraffes! - Superbass!!! (2005)


01. Fucking ants man! Where they coming from? (Let's hang the Carroll footnoteitsists)
02. Ko-Ink-E-Dink? I Think Not!
03. ...And then she look'd down and saw miniature houses and miniature people and inside the miniature people were miniature hearts pumping blood throught miniature veins (her mouth was watery and wet)
04. It's Easy-Eeeee To Be Full Of Shit And Look Good In Black
05. Tomhanks'ses' (Em) Antics'es's
06. I Dreamedpt I Had A Little Death But Camed For The Big Sleep
07. She looked up from examining the freckles on her arm and shouted, "Jesus! I'm fucking god-damn tired of all this make-up sex!" and he just stared off


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Guitar Wolf / Lightning Bolt - Ultra Cross Vol. 1 (2006)


01. レッドシチュエーション
02. ケンカロック
03. Powwowwee
04. Planet Of The Lightning Bolts

Ultra Cross Vol. 1

Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain (2005)


01. 2 Morro Morro Land
02. Captain Caveman
03. Birdy
04. Riffwraith
05. Megaghost
06. Magic Mountain
07. Dead Cowboy
08. Bizarro Zarro Land
09. Mohawkwindmill
10. Bizarro Bike
11. Infinity Farm
12. No Rest for the Obsessed

Hypermagic Mountain

Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow (2003)


01. Hello Morning
02. Assassins
03. Dracula Mountain
04. 2 Towers
05. On Fire
06. Crown of Storms
07. Longstockings
08. Wonderful Rainbow
09. 30000 Monkies
10. Duel in the Deep

Wonderful Rainbow

Lightning Bolt - Ride the Skies (2001)


01. Forcefield
02. Saint Jacques
03. 13 Monsters
04. Ride the Sky
05. The Faire Folk
06. Into the Mist 2
07. Wee Ones Parade
08. Rotator

Ride the Skies

Lightning Bolt - Lightning Bolt (1999)


01. Into the Valley
02. Murk Hike
03. Caught Deep in the Zone
04. Fleeing the Valley of Whirling Knives
05. Mistake
06. Behemoth

Lightning Bolt

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MoHa! - One Way Ticket to Candyland (2008)


01. It Burns Twice
02. Karibcore
03. Sopp Pa Kugen
04. Prog-O-Rama
05. Aids Of Space
06. Too Smart Enough To Drink
07. The Shitman
08. On My God It'S Rave
09. # Outro

One Way Ticket to Candyland

MoHa! - Jeff Carey´s MoHa! (7") (2008)


01. A - Progorama (Premix)
02. B - Teknosangen (Premix)

Jeff Carey´s MoHa! (7")

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MoHa! - Norwegianism (2007)


01. Daily Three
02. Jolly Five
03. Daily Four
04. Jolly Four
05. Gay Two
06. Gay One
07. Home Two
08. Jolly Two
09. Entry One
10. Entry Two
11. Home Four
12. Jolly Six
13. Jolly One (White Guilt Fills the Room)
14. Home One
15. Ibiza One
16. Ibiza Two

MoHa! - Raus Aus Stavanger (2006)


01. A2
02. B1
03. B3
04. C5
05. C7
06. B2
07. C8
08. C4
09. A4
10. B5

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33.3 - Plays Music (2000)


01. Power Failure At The U.N.  
02. Three  
03. The Odds  
04. An Open Letter To Buckminster Fuller  
05. Joanne Will  
06. Oval Cast As Circle  
07. Super Eight  
08. Playing Safe, Ducking Kisses, And Getting Position  
09. An Evening In Park Slope

33.3 - 33.3 (1999)


3.Quilted Giraffe
4.Sacco & Vanzetti
5.Latex Matrix
6.Rancho Diablo
7.Sine Curve
8.Window Treatment

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Them, Roaring Twenties - Future Sandwich (2008)


01. It's Time For A Dip In The Secretarial Pool
02. Harry Caray Frontier Guide Hawkeye
03. We Prefer A Little Hair Down There
04. Go To WWW.EE08.Net/Free Stuff
05. Labia Arabia
06. Fast Acting Nite-Nite Spray With Realistic Uncle Beard
07. One Always Looks Neat In A Hat Made Of Meat
08. 10 Million Scientologists Can't Be Wrong

Loose Lips Sink Ships / El Pin Meldou - The Contemporary Issues Of Celibacy (2008)


Loose Lips Sink Ships - 01. Oh, Debit
Loose Lips Sink Ships - 02. Jesus Christ Look At That Yahweh
Loose Lips Sink Ships - 03. Dutifully Dutied Duties
Loose Lips Sink Ships - 04. The Wisdom of Karl Malone's Sternum Fin
Loose Lips Sink Ships / El Pin Meldou - 05. Mango
Loose Lips Sink Ships / El Pin Meldou - 06. Foreign City Dimples
Loose Lips Sink Ships / El Pin Meldou - 07. Ch-Change In...
Loose Lips Sink Ships / El Pin Meldou - 08. Guave Cingorliia

Sunday, October 12, 2008

+/- (Plus/Minus) - Xs on Your Eyes (2008)


01. Tired Eyes
02. Snowblind
03. Subdued
04. The Queen of Nothing
05. Halos
06. Unsung
07. The Hours You Keep
08. Marina
09. You'll Catch Your Death
10. Xs on Your Eyes
11. Flight Data Recorder

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Advantage - "Underwear: So Big!" (2006 Tour CDR)


01. Fester's Quest
02. Gremlins II
03. Gradius II - Boss
04. Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles II - Technodrome
05. Megaman III - Sparkman
06. Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles - Minefield
07. Solar Jetman - Truckstop
08. Final Fantasy

"Underwear: So Big!"

The Advantage - Elf-Titled (2006)


01. Batman - Stage 1
02. Contra - Alien's Lari & Boss Music
03. DOuble Dragon III - Egypt
04. Sucktails - Moon
05. Metroid - Kraid's Laur
06. Air Fortress - Not Fat Iced Caramel Hazlenut Soy Latte With Extra Whipped Cream
07. Bomberman 2 - Wiggy
08. Castlevania - Intro + Stage 1
09. Solar Jetman - Braveheart Level
10. Goonie 2 - Wiseman
11. Double Dragon II - Mission 5; Forest Of Death
12. Castlevania III - Boss Music
13. Megaman II - Stage Select + Metal Man
14. Castlevania II - Woods
15. Guardian Legend - Corridor 1


The Advantage -The Advantage (2004)


01. Megaman2 - Flashman
02. Double Dragon 2 - Stage 2
03. Goonies 2
04. Bubble Bobble
05. Bubble Bobble - Shark Skeleton
06. Wizards And Warriors - Intro
07. Bomberman 2
08. Bionic Commando - P.O.W. Camp
09. Super Mario Bros. 2 - Underworld
10. Super Mario Bros. 2 - Overworld
11. Contra-Snowfields
12. Zelda - Fortress
13. Batman 2
14. Megaman 3 - Dr. Wiley Stage
15. Double Dragon 2 (Story, And Boss Music)
16. Castlevania 3 - Epitaph
17. Ninja Gaiden - Mine Shaft
18. Mario 3 - Underworld
19. Blastermaster - Stage 2
20. Ghosts 'N' Goblins - Intro
21. Ghosts 'N' Goblins
22. Castlevania - Stage 3
23. Marbie Madness
24. Metal Gear - Jungle
25. Contra - Boss Music
26. Castlevania 3 - Evergreen

The Advantage

You Slut! - Critical Meat (2008)


01. Cut and Shut by You Slut!
02. On the count of 13
03. Roofio shoots, Roofio Scores
04. On the spot Tina Turner fine
05. Pie to the death-faced indie kid
06. 1S,2Ns (The original Door)
07. Jarabew
08. MyBloodyJesusExplorerOnFire

Critical Meat

Piglet - Lava Land (EP, 2005)


01. Bug Stomp
02. Caramel
03. Little Bubble, Where Are You Going?
04. Anthropology Anthology
05. Pangea Reunion
06. Plastic Stars, Cotton Highways

Lava Land

Swims - Swims EP (2006)


01. Pegasus
02. (Pop) The Bubble Boy
03. Drawing 1: Suburban Landscapes
04. When Heavy Hangs The Head
05. Beauty In A Battle
06. "Knew"

Swims EP

Planets - Planets (2007)


01. In
02. O People
03. Steps
04. Return Of A Dead Man
05. Vow Of Silence
06. Dude Life
07. Exercise!
08. And
09. To Think
10. Untitled For You
11. Free Ranger
12. Out


Twain Harte - A Sunny Place for Shady People (EP, 2007)


01. Raped By An Octopus!
02. Shipload
03. Nothing Sounds Much Better
04. Circa January 27th
05. Pyramids
06. (Untitled Track 6)

A Sunny Place for Shady People

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tera Melos - Live At The Silverlake Lounge (CA, Mar 20, 2008)

01. Set up_Soundcheck
02. Indigneous
03. Bus Transfer
04. Paralegal
05. Transient
06. Donkey Show
Live At The Silverlake Lounge

Tera Melos - Live from Atlas Clothing (Seattle, May, 2007)


01. Introducing...
02. Kelly, phone ya
03. Talking Heads
04. Currently Flux
05. 40 Rods To The Hog's Head
06. Even The King Has To Wash His Hands

Live from Atlas Clothing

Tera Melos - Live From Dance Unlimited (Morgan Hill, CA, Jan, 2007)


01. Intro
02. When Worms Learn To Fly
03. The Flux And Christmas
04. Cools And Weirds
05. Werewolf And Ben

Live From Dance Unlimited

Tera Melos - Live At The Nevada City (CA, Oct 13, 2006)

01. Forty Rods To The Hog's Head
02. Legion Of Slurry
03. Driving to Mt. Hood
04. Cools Vs. Weird Part 1
05. Cools Vs. Weird Part 2
06. Cools Vs. Weird Part 3
07. Flux Part 1
08. Flux Part 2
09. When Worms Learn To Fly
10. Cosmetics

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tera Melos - Live From The Boardwalk (Orangeville, CA, 2007)


01. 40 Rods to the Hog's Head
02. No Longer Long (or Crazy)
03. Self Titled
04. Melody 2
05. Cools With A Side Of Weird
06. Song For Flowers